Saturday, January 9, 2016

Comfy Cozy PJs by Laela Jeyne

All right! I am back and this time I have some super exciting stuff to share!  A new pattern for women, discount and sew along.  Don't I deliver?  Ok let's get to work!

Recently, I had the supreme honor of testing the Comfy Cozy PJs for Laela Jeyne.  I have worked with Marisa before and I always enjoy myself but this time I was really happy.  I don't know if most of you know but I work a lot and overnight.  So I spend most of the day in my pajamas trying to scrape together 8 or so hours of sleep.  But the most important factor is comfortable pjs and now I have 2 different pair to brag about.

First the details:  The sizing ranges from XS to XXL.  The pattern comes with long and short sleeve options, 5″ inseam short length, and 28″ or 30″ inseam pant length with instructions on how to make it longer if necessary. (Note: I did not lengthen this pattern as I normally would for my height. I am 6'0" but I wanted to show the actual length.) It even comes with pockets for the top or the bottoms!

During the testing period I made the pants set first because it is winter even if there is no snow here.  I love the snaps on the front because to be honest, I hate buttons, sewing them, using them, etc.  And I love having fun pj pants that are long enough for me!

Then I went back to the pattern and decided to sew myself a pair of shorts.  Now here my darling partner decided that he would help me and cut out my pattern pieces.  I can't complain I am a lucky woman... henceforth the print is upside down.  But I have a great view of two of my favorite things: Poe and coffee!

Take a look at those cuffs and facings!  I am pretty happy with it!  I opted out of using interfacing for my collar which means it doesn't lay as flat but it is much more comfortable for me to sleep in.  Function first right?

Ok so where do you buy this pattern?  Head over to the Laela Jeyne site and grab your copy!  Stay and browse while you are there, she has some amazing things! But the PJ's are on sale for just $6.50!  If you have never made pjs before or you are like me and need a motivating factor to sew these up...The Comfy Cozy Pajama Sew Along is happening next week on January 11th-15th! Head over to the Laela Jeyne facebook group and join in!  I will be there because a girl can never have too many pairs of pjs!  Thanks for stopping in and come back soon!

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