Friday, January 29, 2016

A Vision To Remember - Addy Mae Blog Tour

Hello everyone!  Welcome to the A Vision To Remember Addy Mae Blog Tour! I have sewn up quite a few patterns now by Bobbie from AVTR and I have more in the works but today I want to show you the Addy Mae!  It is meant to serve as a car seat cover but sadly I have no babies to cover up so I am going to let my daughter use it as a blanket to keep in the car or take on trips. 

This pattern is so quick and easy to assemble, the longest part of construction was by far the cutting!  After that I chain stitched the rectangles and less than an hour later, I was done sewing! Okay maybe cutting took a long time too but I had children and pets disturbing me a lot! 

I decided to use a plain black flannel for both the batting layer and the back of this one.  I used a half yard charm pack from Joann for the entire front and I had a bit left to add to my useable scrap bucket. And my daughter was pretty excited to have somewhere to sit on those rare days in rainy Washington where we get a little sun!

So since I have dived into the world of rag quilts I have been working on different ways to get the "fluff" I want.  This blanket I think I cut a little closer together and washed a few extra times... and I think that it is the "fluffiest" so far. I am still working on it so if you have any secret tips please leave them in the comments for me.  

I think my next step is to attach a few of these together and make a blanket big enough for myself.  Mom loves fuzzy blankets too!  So the moral of this story is you need to make yourself a rag quilt! And you should start with Addy Mae.... or at least with a pattern from A Vision To Remember! Trust me!  But before you head out... check out my company on this blog tour! These ladies amaze me everytime!  

Thank you Bobbie for donating your wonderful pattern to me to sew.  Thank you Larissa for your tireless work and organizational skills, I can't even keep track of my kids!  And thank all of you for reading!   See you soon!

A Vision to Remember Addy Mae is the perfect gift for all those little babies this winter! Be sure to check out the different blankets this week!
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  1. Looks fab! If you decide you really like rag quilts then look at the Accuquilt Go! Fabric cutter as it has a rag quilt die, which apparently cuts all the fabric for you

  2. So I have found using all flannel and using cheap flannel seems to make it fray more. However, the cheap flannel is a pain to work with. I am such a fabric diva sometimes.

    1. Lol so true! I like to use the cheap flannel in the middle layer so you get lots of fraying but the nice stuff on the outside :)

  3. It looks fabulous and so warm! I love how it came out.

  4. I love the bold colors! It looks so comfortable and modern.

  5. Love your fabric choices! 😍😍

  6. Love the bold colours! I keep meaning to make a rag quilt, I really like yours!

  7. Such a beautiful creativity! Thanks for featuring it here. I made a colorful quilt for last month’s summer contest. The contest was organized at one of event venue Houston and we all had a brilliant time over there.