Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter Wear Designs Blog Tour - Henley Madness!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my contribution to the Winter Wear Designs blog tour!  I test for the amazing Suzanne all the time and so I will admit to some bias but I wouldn't actually promote something I didn't love so my bias speaks volumes!  I always feel so wonderful in her patterns and my kids love them too.

For this tour, I chose to sew up Henley's for myself and the kids.  I know it seems that everyone in the world has a henley pattern but I think WWD has one of the best and here is a few reasons why:

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Henley: this is the kids version of the henley pattern but it runs a wide range of sizing.  It is a unisex pattern (since you will see it on my son and my daughter) that runs from sizes 1 - 14 and has 3 sleeve options, 4 "henley" options (functional, faux, v neck and faux v necK), welt pockets and detailed easy to follow instructions that will make you feel like a professional by the time you are finished.

Hepburn Henley: This is the women's version of the henley pattern and it ranges from size 00 - 22 which is a gigantic range.  This is not a fitted top but not baggy either.  Reads as: feel like a woman without being uncomfortable about jiggly bits. This one also has three sleeve options, a wonderful welt pocket and 4 henley options.

So because we are so different in personalities, I decided not to make matching shirts for us.  We all have the faux henley neckline (well my son has another EBTKS Henley from the testing period that is functional....) and I did not use the welt pocket because I personally don't like shirt pockets.

The First EBTKS Henley

So this time I gave him another subject he loved and used the last of my How To Train Your Dragon custom for him and my Once Upon a Time custom for Bug.  

Then I got the great idea to try and grab some "together photos". I think these might be the best of the bunch!

I swear they love each other at least half of the time.  And then my Henley covered by my favorite characters in the world, the Looney Tunes!!!

I am not even going to lie, I feel fabulous and fun in this shirt. I can't wait to make myself more henleys and I am secretly hoping that there is a WWD men's henley pattern somewhere in the future so when my son grows I can keep sewing for him!  

So I will be kind and give you the link to the Henley bundle because now you need both patterns!  And leave me a comment and let me know which WWD pattern is your favorite, or what coveted fabric do you want to make a Henley from?  

WAIT! Before you leave, check out my fabulous blog tour companions and read all the way to the bottom for a special coupon code to save you a bit.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Suzanne for sharing her creative visions and to Larissa for organizing this blog tour, I know we are stressful and annoying and you are so patient!  Check back in soon for another blog post!  

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Don't forget to pick up your own copy of the patterns featured this week from Winter Wear Designs and save 20% off any purchase of $5 or more through the 25th of Jan with the code BLOGIT20!

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  1. You have me sold on "feel like a woman without being uncomfortable about jiggly bits" lol. I'm going to have to keep this one on my wish list because I don't have this pattern yet.