Monday, December 21, 2015

CraftingCon Justice League

Hello everyone! I am so beyond exciting to be doing another CraftingCon!  I love these prompts and the slowest part is picking just one of a million ideas.  I grew up in love with the Justice League and all things superhero and I am raising my kids to feel the same.  I thought of a million different costumes and outfit options but then I realized that I could sew more than just clothes.   I have been trying to create other things and stretch my imagination so I knew exactly where to go.  There is an amazing website called Fandom In Stitches that allows all kinds of fandom to be expressed.  There are quilt blocks, applique, hand embroidery designs and more.  And everything on there is free!!!

I settled on using appliques by the talented Brad Felber and decided to make myself a few throw pillows to decorate my bed.  I recently hopped on the FMA bandwagon so I had a ton of paper backed interfacing and I used this to trace my applique pieces.  So first you are going to want to trace each part of the applique on your interfacing and iron it to the WRONG side of your fabric.  (Trust me I have ironed it to the wrong side many times) One note: Make sure you trace any letters backwards or they will turn out wrong. Notice my double tracing.....

Once you have ironed the pieces then cut out your applique shapes.  Now you can see how tragic a backwards "S" would have been? This is where the magic begins.... first peel the paper backing off of the pieces and then layer them so that you have the look that you are wanting to achieve.

Tada! Now you have a sticky applique.  Iron them to your pieces (in my case, the pillow pieces) and sew around each shape. You can use a zig zag stitch to prevent fraying or in my case I used the straight stitch because I hope through a few washings that the fraying will make a little fluff. To make the pillows I just cut squares and sewed them together and stuffed them.  Then I put them on my bed for happiness and style!

How fun and unique right?!? Head over to Fandom In Stitches website or over to the fb group Fandom In Stitches and find your inspiration and let me know what you fall in love with! A big thank you to Maegen for being so patient with me being slow and late and a big thank you to all of you for reading my post!  I appreciate you all!

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