Monday, December 21, 2015

CraftingCon.... My Little Pony!

Hello everyone!!! I am Essence from the Amazing Adventures with Bubba and Bug!  This is my very first (but definitely not my last) CraftingCon experience.  I'm so honored and over-the-moon excited to share my creation with you for My Little Pony! My little Diva Bug is the most avid My Little Pony fan! She just loves everything about them. So I decided to participate in this challenge. I had so many ideas and some of them where much bigger than I think I could have accomplished but I finally settled on making something that would be totally geared towards my daughter specifically. She is totally a fan of Fluttershy (I think they are alot alike!) and is definitely my water baby. She just loves getting wet! So obviously I had to create a Fluttershy swimsuit. I started with the basic design of the newest release from Winter Wear Designs the Princess Power Suit. I love this pattern and I have used it more than once to create some interesting suits for my unique little girl. But how can I make it pony inspired? I consulted the resident pony expert. She made sure to explain that there had to be a cutie mark and there had to be a tail.  I think I was successful...

Not only did she love having a pony swimsuit, she really loved getting to take pictures at the park with a sprayground!!!

I know Fluttershy technically has 3 butterflies for her cutie mark but to be honest, that one butterfly took longer than the entire rest of the swimsuit! There is some stabilizer behind it that will not touch my Diva's skin but will probably be in there forever because I improvised!

And the joy of the water!  LOL! Thank you so much for stopping by and seeing me!  Feel free to come visit me anytime over at my blog and let me know what you created!  

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