Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dive Into Swimsuits!

Hey! It is my turn to show off my swimsuits!!! I am so excited!  I was lucky enough to participate in the Coles's Corner and Creations: Dive Into Swimsuits blog tour and I choose to sew the All 4 One Stylish Swimsuit.  This pattern is so versatile and has so many options I spent days trying to figure out what to do! And I know that I will use this pattern over and over again and for many years to come!

This is actually my fourth swimsuit I have ever sewn and I am still learning a lot about sewing them. Last year, I managed to make one swimsuit for my daughter and it was not my best showing.  But it fit and it wasn't the pattern but my inexperience with the material and sewing altogether.  So this summer demands that I redeem myself and my sewing machine and crank out some swimsuit fun.

Recently, I tested the Lakehouse Swimsuit for Cole's Corner and Creations and that was one of my first swimsuits for this season.  It is truly adorable so a few quick pictures of that one.

Some helpful hints I learned between that swimsuit and the current ones:
1) Measure and measure again.  My daughter is muscular and long so one pieces are a challenge and I am constantly adjusting them.
2) Go slowly and hold on tight. I have a lead foot and swimsuit fabric can be super slippery!
3) Start thick!  My red and black dots is so thin I wondered if it would be see through.  This caused me a lot of frustration. I should have picked a thicker fabric at first until I got the hang of it.

So now my version of the All 4 One!

She loves her new suit.  I think it is still looking a little short in her torso even though I thought I adjusted enough.  Refer back to lesson 1 above!  I will probably alter this one and give it back to her because she really loves those black and red dots.  

During the tour, the All 4 One suit is on sale for only $3.00 so there is really no excuse not to go grab the pattern and make a swimsuit!  Make sure you check out my fellow bloggers on the tour because they are some of the most talented ladies I have seen!  Don't forget to head over to Cole's Corner and Creations and enter to win amazing prizes too!