Friday, November 13, 2015

Swoodson Says - Little Explorer Backpack!

So I am back... so soon you ask? Yes! I am participating in another blog tour and this one I am super excited about.  The amazing Stephanie from Swoodson Says was kind enough to let me sew up her new pattern, the Little Explorer backpack!  First a little bit about Swoodson Says... She has six wonderful patterns in her shop and I will eventually sew them up but I just have to find a reciepient!  They are whimsical patterns that include softie toys, a backpack and even a cape for your ltitle one's stuffed friends!  My two are too old and too cool for such things so I got a little creative with my pattern.  

So is everyone familiar with those purse backpacks that women carry?  Here is a $300.00 example from Coach:

Well I love those things... but not the price tags or the grown up look of them.  I am way too silly and fun to be held to those grownup bags.  So I used the Little Explorer backpack to create myself a purse to carry around when I am "momming" all weekend long.  

First thing I love about this pattern: there are only 2 pattern pieces and not a million little pieces to cut out.  I really appreciate patterns that make cutting quick and painless.  So I pulled out the last of my beloved minions fabric and decided to use some on myself.  

I love the little details of this bag.  I didn't feel like it was childish at all.  I did not use mesh for my bottom as the pattern called for and instead I used a woven with a stiff interfacing to hold up my hoards of things I carry with me regularly. 

I found some fun colored velcro a while ago at Hancocks on sale that I had been waiting for a fabulous chance to use this was what I had been waiting for.  I also misread my supplies list and had nothing to use as a tie.  Therefore using a method I learned on another pattern I cut a fairly thin strip of yellow knit and used that as my stretchy tie.  

Now you are wondering about space right?   How much can you find in a child's backpack?  Well as a few of you know I am determined to figure out crochet and make wonderful things that I find on Pinterest so I was able to find my large water bottle, a novel for those long playdates, a skein of thread, my crochet needle, my wallet and my super sized phone in it with space to spare.

If you count the price of fabric and the few supplies I had to buy, I think I still came out well on top of Coach's price and I have a backpack purse that is all me!  So if your children are giants like mine and you still want to sew yourself something cute by this amazing designer go grab a copy of this pattern.  And spend a few minutes and check out my fellow bloggers on this tour! They are all so talented and amazing I feel like a little kid at the grown up table!  I have listed a coupon code below to save you a few dollars.  But wait! Go enter the rafflecopter for a chance to win all of the patterns included on this blog tour! That would be so much better! And then come tell me about your adventures in sewing!  See you all soon!!!!

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  1. Aww I love that you're using it for yourself!! It turned out so super cute, thanks for sewing along Essence :)