Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Little Birdy Outfit by Laela Jeyne Patterns

Hello everyone! I know I have been a stranger but I solemnly swear to do better soon.  I signed up for some cool blog tours and some awesome testing experiences and I can't wait to share it all with you guys!  I sewed along last week with Kids Clothing Week and I made almost all testers so I couldn't share a single thing!  But I can share this beautiful outfit today!!!!

The Little Birdy Outfit by Laela Jeyne Patterns is THAT fall outfit that you have to make over and over again.  And it is super quick to make.  But before I get super excited and turn all fan girl, let me throw you the details!

The Little Birdy Outfit is made up of 2 patterns: the Little Birdy Flare Pants and the Little Birdy Tunic and Dress.  They both feature the layered printing option, which I can no longer live without, sizes 6M-14 and wonderfully detailed instructions making this pattern perfect for an advanced beginner.  The top has a uniquely shaped bodice with two different styles of collars and a flared circle skirt for both the blouse and dress. There are both short and long sleeve options that have a sweet gather at the hem. The pants pattern has an elastic waist, flared bottoms, and a sweet little pintuck down the leg that gives it that vintage feel! This pattern is perfect for denim, corduroy, and any vintage fabric you may have.  I used suiting for my pants to give my daughter a little ease for her wild dance moves.

Before I show you any pictures, I have to tell you something great! A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this pattern goes to an amazing charity called Angel Unaware in Fort Worth Texas for the first year after its release. Angel Unaware is the 3rd pediatric hospice program in the United States serving patients and their families with end of life care. This pattern was a collaboration with Dorie Kirk, an online boutique owner and fellow sewing fanatic, who has also lost a little bird. She, along with the founders of Angel Unaware, want to bring awareness of the care that is available to those who may need it. Please go check them out and donate if your heart moves you to do so even if you don't purchase this pattern!

Instead of making my daughter's Halloween costume, I made her an outfit to wear during the Halloween season.  I used the same suiting for my son and husband's pants so now everyone has some of this wonderful fabric except mom.... And this woven I found on sale and bought the bolt...

I love how comfortable she was in this outfit... She was content to just hop around and pay me no attention.  Which is way more fun than answering, "Are you done yet Mom?" 4,000 times.  

And how gorgeous are those details?

And because I am an avid football fan and love spending my Sundays sewing and watching the games... a bonus shirt for my daughter! This one shows off one of the two different collar options available. 

So are you sold yet?  Well go buy a copy and then you will be! Oh and of course the sale prices! Until Sunday, November 1st the prices will be $5.75 for the dress, $5 for the pants, and $10 for the whole collection.