Sunday, March 15, 2015

Adeline by Boho Banjo

So I don't sew enough for myself.  I mean who does really? So I have been trying to apply to test more patterns for myself. And I bought a few patterns that I think I will eventually sew.

I recently had the chance to discover my inner boho and test a new pattern called the Adeline for the Aspiring Designers challenge. Before, I dive into my review, a few specifics about the pattern.

Sizes: There is the small Adeline which ranges from size 6-10 and the large Adeline which ranges from sizes 14-24.So no worries about making something for yourself and then not fitting in it after a huge meal..... or maybe that is just me?
Fabrics: Lightweight wovens, knits, or really anything with a decent drape would work well.
Pattern: There are very few pieces for this pattern, but for the larger ladies, it is about 50 pages to print out.

At first, honestly I was concerned that pattern would be a bit of a hassle because it was over 50 pages long. So I reached outside of my comfort zone and called my local FedEx store to see about printing it in a large format.  And I will never go back to printing those huge patterns at home! I placed my order over the phone and the helpful salesperson was able to get the options I needed.  A few hours later, I dropped in and picked up my 2 sheets of A0 paper.

After cutting out my pieces, I had to choose some fabrics.  With the wide range of options, I chose this orange fabric I loved,  Now because I am a larger girl, I had to be sure to cut the fabric right the first time because I did not have enough time to recut anything. And then I promptly cut the front upside down.... Yup, admitting you made a mistake it the first step.  But I didn't notice all the way until I was finished. And I think it turned out fine anyway.

Gotta love those husband amateur photographers! I think my eyes were only closed in half of the pictures this time.  But I love to wear this dress, especially on rainy days, I throw some leggings on and feel comfortable all day long.  Don't take my word for it... go make one for yourself.

Head over to Pattern Revolution and get more information on this great designer in the Aspiring Designers Challenge.  Or just head over and buy your Adeline pattern here! Until next time... which won't be very long...

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