Friday, January 23, 2015

Wideleg Pants for Every Occasion

     So recently I was selected to test the Wideleg Pants pattern from Jocole that is included in the girl's Bundle Up Sale.  At first, I spent two days telling my husband about how exciting and cool it was to test for Jocole.  Then I spent a whole day panicking about messing up and never getting to test again! On the fourth day, I made pants....

But before I start... you want to know the pattern specs right?

Sizes? From Nb-14 and even include a size for dolls.
What kind of fabrics? Anything! (Well anything non-transparent) both knits and wovens work here, and I believe I saw a pair that were fleece. Whatever is most comfortable for the model...
Options? Where do I begin? There is a pants, capri and shorts length. 3 types of yoga waistband: skinny, regular and fold over.
3 Lengths?!? Are there pockets? Of course! Either a patch or an inseam pocket.
Sounds good right?

Washington winters are rainy and cool so I made Bug pants for both of hers but in a few months the capris will show up. The first pair I made were for a fashion forward shopping day with Grandma, who was in town for Christmas.  I paired them with the Fancy Blazer from Love Notions, which went perfectly with the Christmas print I wanted to use.

The fit was amazing! I was concerned that wideleg pants would swallow her and they don't at all.  And they are so super comfortable.  She refused to take them off later when I demanded that she let me wash them. The length was great even for my long legged beauty and the patch pockets were perfect for fitting the $20 Grandma gave her. I used the fold over waistband and it sat high enough for her to be comfortable but not too high to be "weird".


While not-so-patiently waiting for the release of these pants, my kids traveled to Portland for their first ever dance conference. On the list was a comfortable pair of pjs for a late night dance party.  Of course, Diva Bug had to have new pjs for this very occasion. I let her look through all of my patterns and she wasn't convinced any of them would work for dancing. (Not even sure why, but she is very opinionated.) Then she asked for another pair of wideleg pants.  So this round, I used the regular waistband and the inseam pockets. 

I intentionally shortened these so she wouldn't have a problem running around barefoot at the pj party.  She must have enjoyed them because she put them right back on the next day. 

I am already mentally planning my next pair of pants, or maybe capris?  Definitely grab this pattern as a part of your bundle.  Go! Get to bundling!

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